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Default Re: HBO WCB: Adrien Broner vs. Antonio DeMarco & Seth Mitchell vs. Johnathan Banks RB

Originally Posted by Leonit View Post
I don't get all the animosity for Broner, he has a lot of kids he has to feed them and he is working hard to do it. That said DeMarco will put him asleep with a big left

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Oh no, Broner already infected DeMarco with the *****ness.

It isn't too late, Tony! Chop off your hands before it spreads to the rest of you!

Originally Posted by errsta View Post
As I commented in another thread: we were told that Broner is the Matador to Demarco's Bull, but I get the feeling Broner is both Bull and Matador.
Yep. And I still think he's better as the bull.

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Larry Merchant suggests a 10-8 for Broner there in the fifth.

He makes a valid point, seeing DeMarco on his stool.
Definitely acceptable for that round. Definitely. That was a mashing.

Originally Posted by Chappy112 View Post
Holy ****, if Broner can keep this up a star is well and truly born.
Originally Posted by Sister Sledge View Post
You can hate him all you want, but Broner is here to stay. Sorry, boys.

I agree, times two. Annoying **** that he is but he's got it.

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Round 8

DeMarco is getting spanked. Crisp shots to the face by Broner, and he brings it downstairs. Uppercut, DeMarco down! He scrambles up but the towel comes in as the bell rings.

It's over!!! TKO8!
...Did you have something else there, just a second ago, St. Ibes?

Originally Posted by reptilian777 View Post
Rios and mattyhse will **** this clown up he will never fight them
You maybe should take a relevance class, my man.
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