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Default Re: Froch/Mack & DeMarco/Broner RbR!

He's a better talker then Floyd, He's not as natural a fighter as Floyd IMO. I noticed the coach shouting and demanding him to go underneath in the pocket which says he may need a bit more coaching then Floyd does who's been well school since a young kid as you all know.

He needs to be his own man, TBH guys Boxing needs guys like him. Naz, Floyd etc etc (to tired to think of more showman) these are the guys people remember and these are the guys who get Boxing on T.V.

Don't get me wrong i can't stand the sillyness at times but this sports about characthers and i love my hardworking grinders more then anyone but these are the guys who help keep the sport mainstream in a small way. All boxers play a part in this and the showman deserve there props and Broner is good.

He may be like Floyd though, Needing a big casual name to feast upon to become a bigger ticket seller. He will sell PPV's with that type of aggression and skill.
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