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Default Re: **** sky sports and eddie hearn

Originally Posted by hughesa View Post
I can't believe how long I have been falling for the big giant hype machine that is boxing. Boxing is the biggest ****ing con in sports. Can you call it a sport? I am sure those skysports presenters (nelson and co) are told to hype the **** out of every fighter and performance not matter their opponent. And Eddie Hearn is just so ****ing predictable. I bet if he promoted Butterbean he would say he could beat a Klitschko. He is nothing more than a con man. Carl Froch beat two opponents that were levels below him (bute, mack). When he stepped up a level against Ward he got outclassed. Boxing is simply about levels and top level usually always beats lower level.

I swear, if I never hated UFC so much and felt this strange need to defend boxing and keep it alive, I would not be ****ing watching it. It is boring as heck (not all the time). The more I have come to understand the sport, the more boring it has become. I liked it best when I thought boxing was 'fighting' and it was a sport of 'tough guys', not a science, and when i thought mike tyson was the hardest man on the planet. This is how the casual fan views boxing and it is much more exciting that way. It is a case of ignorance is bliss.

And that Adrien Broner guy can go and shoot himself. His is the most manufactued personality of all. If the public keep falling for that **** I would not even be suprised. Mayweather did it best though. He and his promoters are great conmen. Even the strippers and burning of money is all done to enhance the Money persona. I would not be suprised if Mike Tyson was manufactured to ****. Yet he had skills but that whole baddest man on the planet (which, because of UFC, would never work today) was probably manufactured by some marketing geniuses. Mike is believed by many to be this stupid, crazy loose cannon. But the truth is, Mike Tyson is a very very intelligent man.

I am even going to go as far as saying boxing will not last too much longer. Yes they said that 200 years ago, but there was no ufc back then. UFC makes boxers look so limited in fighting skills and I believe the reason boxing has always been popular is because they are seen as tough guys. The general public does not watch it to see the 'sweet science'.

Stop watching this **** and being conned. We are all being manipulated to ****. Ricky Hatton milked the British public better than anyone. What an overrated chump he was.
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you're only being conned if you believe the lies. this is the nature of propaganda.
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