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Default Re: Chauncy Welliver vs Seth Mitchell Let's Do This!

Originally Posted by chitownfightfan View Post
Actually, it's a very logical fight for both guys.

Chauncey is likely this eras most durable fighter, but he really had faced the kindof puncher that Mitchell is.

Chuancey's also not the heaviest hitter, but neither is Banks, and Chuancey has the kindof workrate that could seriously bust that grill and really raise his stock.

I gotta believe though that Mitchell is gonna look for a chinny fighter next. A guy that folds when hit, someone like Meehan, Walker, or maybe take a step back to journeymen for a small period of time before challenging a top 30 again.

Besides, without HBO bucks, Mitchell don't make an enticing enough payday for Chauncey who seems fairly content on settling down with Sarah after another fighter or two.
Exactly...a match made in heaven.

Huge Puncher with Suspect Chin vs Huge Chin with Suspect Power

They were going to fight in July but Mitchell was too buzzed to go. Welliver takes Tank and he takes Banks......the rest is history. But now it makes sense to revisit this fight and make it happen.
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