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Default Re: Froch/Mack & DeMarco/Broner RbR!

Burns style doesn't pose any problems. He's just a basic one-two-left-hook to the body fighter. Damn good and it and damn well rounded defensively and footwork wise, but Broner is going to see that jab-right hand combination coming all night, his reflexes and defensive adjustments are uncanny once he figures you out, he's different from Floyd, he's not safety first, he's more aggressive than even the younger Floyd yet still is defensively excellent. That means he can anticipate Burns ****nal of punches, he can anticipate Burns' basic M.O which is the same for every fighter and he'll just walk him down and execute him. Painful night for Ricky, I wouldn't even put him in that fight personally, I'd put Burns in with Vasquez or Abril first. They're winnable, to go from fighting Kevin Mitchell and Moses to Broner and getting beat up would be unfortunate when he couldd pick him some creditable wins.
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