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Default Re: Adrien Broner would give Pac/Mosley/Duran/B Leonard/Leonard/May # 135 FITS

It's funny seeing Pejven and OnePunchKo making these idiotic statements when they have been shown time and time again to not know ****, and I mean ****ing nothing about boxing. You jump on the "popular" opinion here trying to gain credibility by rolling with the crowd, the "problem" is the "crowd" is wrong in this instance and again you're stuck looking like 3rd world spastics. Please explain how in the **** you could/would catagorically dismiss a physical specimen with immense talent, and top level skills? What advantage outside of being "more mainstream" do these guys have on Broner that is so significant that you can just say "nope, no way, not happening"? Please explain your position, I'll wait...
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