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Default Re: HBO WCB: Adrien Broner vs. Antonio DeMarco & Seth Mitchell vs. Johnathan Banks RB

Originally Posted by SweetHome_Bama View Post
Ever since Corley he usually with use the high guard in walking down a lefty. Hell after Judah caught him and put him down he left the shoulder roll too. He used the shoulder outside with Ortiz, but on the inside he had his high guard, which is why Ortiz hit him right on the chin when he did his flying headbutt.

It is just my opniion, but I think he is better on the inside with lefties with his shoulder roll than Floyd was. I think he is a more dedicated body puncher too, two different styles from the same base though.
You can't use the shoulder roll when walking down fighters, especially southpaws because with the weight on the front foot, it's difficult to avoid punches(which is why Broner eats so many straight punches) Floyd uses it from midrange and in. Broner uses it at every range which is ok except he lacks the upper body movement and balance to be efficient with it.

On the inside, there is no such thing as lefty/righty. The angles are all but gone and the punches come from similar angles. That's why southpaws need space. So the left hand comes from an angle unusual to conventional fighters.
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