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Default Re: S&C coaches are not neccessary.

Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
Dempsey get that sand out of your ****** you ****ing bleeding ****hole.
Very colorful, you must be a child, whose girlfriend has this affliction.

The truth hurts I guess. Such venom, why does it bother you so?? Are you an S&C guy? You can always state your POV, in fact here it is, S&C coaches are neccessary so sayeth S&C guys, then you can cite the reasons why you think it is so.
I dont think they are neccessary cos a good boxing can prepare you condition-wise to go from 4 rds to 12rds. I reached that conclusion by listening to a few S&C guys on this forum and then reviewing Championship fights from the 1890's to the present, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the vast majority of fighters who fought and won the title, and became ATG's, had nothing but a boxing coach and his asst who helped with the conditioning, very, very few had a S&C coach.
Why do S&C guys feel threatened? I would really like to hear what the S&C guys have to say but as you yourself have done and what a few others do they resort to name calling. Temper, temper
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