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Default Re: It's one loss,still a fan of Mitchell.

Mitchell has power, knows how to dig to the body, by natural athletic weight is a super heavyweight, and has the right mentality as far as staying in shape, wanting to improve and not giving up. His chin doesn't seem to match up well with his style but I think he's clearly going to be a dangerous guy no matter where his ceiling is. If beating Timur Ibragimovs and Chazz Witherspoons is his ceiling, it's still not that bad a ceiling and it's also a higher one than prospects like Wilder have gotten to so far. What can you say? He hit a good level in football and a good regional level in boxing with some odds against him, in terms of the time he started and even if this is as far as he goes, he's proven a very strong athlete. I like him and hope he bounces back though, and, as I said, I still believe he's dangerous.
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