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Default Re: Seth Mitchell exposed

Originally Posted by lordgore View Post
He's not an all round athlete though is he,he's a crude slugger with slow feet,no head movement,poor punch resistance and some power.
Look through the countless threads on here with people making him out to be the next Tyson or Foreman.
No one I have seen who wasn't an obvious troll was putting him in league with Tyson and Foreman. Yes, what poor ability as an athlete to have hit the level he did as a football player and boxer. If only the average detractor of guys like this could be as nonathletic as Mitchell.

Originally Posted by lefthook89 View Post
absolutely no idea, he comes across as one of the coolest guys you could ever meet but people hate on him regardless. I didnt expect him to do much but he's exciting as hell to watch and ill watch any future matchup with him in it.
Good man.
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