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Default Re: Now Anderson Silva says he will fight whoever the UFC wants, GSP or Jon Jones

Originally Posted by SuperHut View Post
GPS vs Silva aint gonna happen. GPS will stay in welterweight to duck Silva like the plagues and Silva probably won't drop down to a catchweight.
A career welterweight cannot duck a middleweight champion. Especially not a large middleweight who is pretty much twice his size. GSP would look like a little midget next to Silva.

Originally Posted by SuperHut View Post
and as for weight classes, the UFC started off as an open weight class sport. Throughout the history, from the early days in Brazil, to Rickson Gracie's heydays in Japan, to today with Silva...
That was a hell of a lot easier in the dark ages, when guys were not well-rounded fighters and there wasn't the depth of competition. GSP can fight Anderson if he wants to, but if he doesn't, nobody has the right to say he "ducked" him.

Originally Posted by SuperHut View Post
Great fighters have always moved up weight classes in search of bigger game.
Yeah it sure hurt Marvin Hagler's legacy that he never moved up from middleweight.

And GSP has significant fights at WW. That 15 pounds is a huge leap, and he has good contenders to fight in his own division. If the fight is to be made then let Anderson come down to a catchweight, if he is even able to.

Originally Posted by SuperHut View Post
GPS would move up too if Silva weren't occupying the class above him.
Pure speculation. GSP is well suited for welterweight, undersized for MW. Especially against a big middleweight. He doesn't have Anderson's concussive striking power, his style is much more wrestling-oriented and that's not going to translate very well against the ATG striker who is used to fighting guys MUCH bigger than GSP.

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