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Default Re: Seth Mitchell exposed

Originally Posted by Ulver View Post
Mitchell should go coach football somewhere. He's a nice enough guy. But he's done as a boxer. He has a glass chin. And everybody knows it now.

Anyone decent is going to KO him.
The last two guys he fought before tonight were just decent. They both got bludgeoned. Maybe he is done. Maybe he is not.

Originally Posted by lordgore View Post
What level has he hit as a boxer? Banks was seen as a huge underdog(not sure why mind,the guy has boxed for years) and ****ing spanked him,he found his level this evening.Fair play to him for giving it a go and the guy has ***** and heart for getting up as many time's as he did but he was never really going to make waves at HW.He is a classy guy though no one can say different.
A North American champion. I know these days you're either **** or a star but coming into the sport as he did and getting a hold of a good regional title is not nothing. I'm sorry, it's not. There are journeymen who work their asses off trying to get just to that level who put everything they've got into it and have amateur pedigree and still don't make it. Seth hopped in from another sport and got there with his grit, determination and power. Why so many "fans" on here seem to take more pleasure in seeing one guy lose than another guy win is beyond me, honestly. Especially one who, as you say, is a class act from everything he's shown, thus far.
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