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Default Re: Froch/Mack & DeMarco/Broner RbR!

Originally Posted by TFFP View Post
The shocking thing was the amount of people that actually thought Burns v Broner was a competitive fight. It shouldn't have taken beating up a B level guy like DeMarco for people to recognize that fight is a potentially special fighter against a solid, dependable and well-rounded world class pro (that is a lot better than DeMarco) but ultimately has no real weapon to trouble Adrien Broner with.

What did people seriously think was gonna happen, Burns was gonna jab and move laterally all night? Burns never had the artillery to do anything, he has no power thats going to remotely discourage Broner from walking him down and you just know with Broner's handspeed, variety and accuracy he's going to pick Burns apart to the body and completely open up his defence that way. Seek and destroy, no more no less.

The only guy out there in this vicinity troubling him in any way is Matthyse. That draws parallels with the Ponce De Leon fight in a lot of ways. I wouldn't hesitate to say Broner has improved since then, though. Thats a good fight. Danny Garcia? Nah, does't have the output. You're not gonna beat him throwing 10 hayemaker counterpunchers a round.
this is true Matthysse style wise gives Broner alot of problems, i cant see Garcia beatin him with his minimum workrate that left hook will never land once, Broner doesnt lean in
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