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Default Re: Seth Mitchell exposed

Originally Posted by Ulver View Post
I think the pleasure they take is because Mitchell was an obvious hype job by HBO and Al Haymon.

When you really listen to what Seth says, he obviously is still in love with the game of football. Boxing is just something he thought he could do out of necessity. But it's hard to be great at boxing if you don't really love the sport.

And Mitchell just plainly can't take a hard shot.

Like I said, he's a nice guy and would make a good assistant coach in football. That is where he should go next.
He got a devastating knockout when he was given his big TV slot, instead of falling apart or not showing any guts or gumption like a great deal of prospects end up doing, and over a guy that had never been stopped, and he blew him out early. That earns you hype. And of course the channel took advantage of that. Aren't you actually supposed to back a guy who gives you an exciting kayo on your television station? Isn't that what you're supposed to do? Reward people for showing up big?

Yet so many on here act like someone is trying to victimise them by a channel doing this with one of their guys. And then they rejoice in kicking the guy while he's down and calling "exposed" like it means anything, almost as if it's revenge for someone trying to sell you on the idea that maybe you want to watch this athlete if you enjoy the sport. It's really remarkable, if you ask me. It's a remarkable phenomenon.
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