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Default Re: Seth Mitchell exposed

Originally Posted by Reppin501 View Post
Excellent posts in this thread...and it really is interesting to think about does one get to this point (rejoicing in others losing as primary motivation to watch).
I'm sure we've all been guilty of this on here at some point? It's like any other sport in that respect,I'd never make it my motivation to watch the sport though as it's brutal and there is often tragedy in the ring so to take enjoyment in that would be ****ing ridiculous.

Having seen Mitchell hyped up on here and various other sources though as the next big thing in the HW division,the next klitschko killer so on and so forth it was the "told you so" bit I got enjoyment from as I enjoy the banter with you americans about our HW divisions,not the actual him being hurt part,that would suck.I know i mention him being ****ing spanked etc but there ain't no malice in it.
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