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Default Re: GPS, wise choice to duck the question about Silva

Originally Posted by JohnJohn View Post
It would be the same for Anderson is he were to move up to light heavy to face John Jones. One of the reasons I think people call for these fights is probably because they want to see GSP or Anderson lose.

Although actually, the size difference between Anderson and Jones doesn't look nearly so dramatic.

There's only 2 inches in height between them, versus 4 for GSP-Silva. And GSP is just a much smaller body type than Anderson. Once you start getting up there in size, the difference doesn't matter so much. Anderson and Jones are both bigger-type fighters, whereas GSP is a smaller type fighter. The average man on the street probably has a bigger frame than GSP, but is clearly smaller than Anderson.

Of course, Jones would monster Anderson in the torso because of his skinny chicken legs. And Jones is also getting bigger - he looks like he's filled out a fair bit since he burst onto the scene.

Hell, in a suit Silva even looks like he physically compares to Cain. Though at least 40% of Cain's bodyweight is in his enormous pumpkin head.

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