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Default Re: Watching Pac/JMM 24/7 Ep 1, you can tell they're running out of material

Originally Posted by puga_ni_nana View Post
they should put a heredia side story on his PEDs involvement before to spice it a bit.
That already happened in one of the 24/7's before fight 3.

The onlly thing these 24/7's serve a purpose for is for team Pacquiao to make ass's of themselves coming up with new excuses for the poor performances vs Marquez.

I did like the part of this 1st episode where its discussed that all three judges gave Pacquiao round 6 of fight 2. Nacho and Marquez discuss how they dominated the round and none of the judges gave it to him.
HBO the clowns they are show the only punches of the round Pacquiao landed as if to show it was a close round.
Then Freddie Roach gives his take and say's, "I think it was a great round, but I''ll be honest, I think we lost that round." Roach goes on to give a devilish laugh as if to signal "yeah, the judges are on our side."
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