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Default Re: GPS, wise choice to duck the question about Silva

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
You mean the 21 year old, second-fight-in-the-UFC, first-time-on-the-main-card version of Jon Jones?

The fight before he fought SHogun. That was the Jones fight I saw. People keep saying he is great. But nobody ever can explain why he beats Silva other than size.

I wont say size doesnt matter, but last time I checked, BJJ was created by a skinny wimp to give himself a high percentage of victory against larger opponents, and I get the feeling that Silva's BJJ is sufficient to deal with someone a weight class higher than his.

Silva's BJJ was good enough to slap a white belt triangle on someone of Sonnen's caliber of wrestling, so I fail to see why anybody thinks GPS at any weight stands a chance especially after seeing a guy like Condit nearly catch GPS in a triangle earlier tonight.
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