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Default Re: did angelo dundee know how to box????

Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
Angelo's brother Chris ran a boxing gym and handled many fighters. Angelo was around the gym a lot. he got his break with carmen Basilio because Basilio liked the way the Angelo wrapped his hands. nothing more.
he got the job with Ali precisely because he would not try to train Ali. He would let Ali do what he wanted to do. He got the job with Leonard primarily as a matchmaker; Leonard's amateur trainers did the bulk of the training early on.
If you think he told Leonard anything leonard didn't know in the first hearns fight, you are wrong. He handled a bunch of guys that were already set and didn't need or want somebody in the corner babbling in their ear. Ali ignored him, foreman ignored him, and so did Leonard (though he was nice enough to give him credit in his book.)
A good friend of mine, who sparred with emile griffith and traveled in liston's camp, told me that he watched Angelo for many hours in the gym and came to the conclusion that he did nothing.

interesting and seems logical
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