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Default Re: Aaron Pryor's boxing skills

His most impressive long range boxing exhibition of course came in the later stages of the first Arguello win. Pryor demonstrates an awkward, unconventional kangaroo style that seems to come naturally to him and which really worked, which is surprising given Arugello's own skill and considerable advantages in reach and height.

That being said, Pryor really wasn't a textbook technitian even when he did box instead of brawl. Really, he was just very fleet-footed with such fast hands that he could jump in, flurry, get off first, and then leap back outside. He was more of an unpredictabe, helter skelter mover than a clinical boxer puncher ala Harold Johnson or Ricardo Lopez.

And really it didn't make sense for him to box all that often. His temperment and talent was better suited for brawling, and his small frame and short arms meant he was better suited for mixing it up inside rather than jabbing and lobbing long range missles.
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