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Default Re: It's one loss,still a fan of Mitchell.

Originally Posted by UnleashtheFURY View Post
Mitchell is garbage, his career is over. He is now Travis Walker 2.0
It's too early to say that. Mitchell can bounce back from this setback, but it takes ***** of steel to do so.

Mitchell is one of those guys with below average technique with good physical abilities. His management tell him he can knock out anyone in the world, so Mitchell boxes way too openly considering he has an amateurish defense and reflexes. It's the wrong style for his skill-set.

In order to make it back to the top 5 of the contender list he'll have to drastically reinvent himself. Time will tell.

I really don't like how people **** on boxers when they get knocked out. It's unfair, its immature, instead we should wish Mitchell well rather than laughing about him when he's down on the floor.
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