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Default Re: GPS, wise choice to duck the question about Silva

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
No, but maybe you could watch the dominant champions. I think that's the least you could do. Why would you want someone to explain it to you rather than watching the fights and coming to your own conclusions?

You say you know a lot, but you think that having your legs up high on your opponent while in guard is the same as almost getting a triangle. Condit was not even close at all to any triangles. GSP is far too savvy to let that happen. And you can't compare GSP's sub defence to that of Sonnen's. That's just absurd.

UFC deletes all of the fights that go up on youtube. I've tried catching up with Jones, but honestly, video of him is hard to come by.

I want you to explain and break him down because it could make for a good discussion.

And yes, if a guy on Condit's level was able to drop GPS with such an embarrassing level of skill compared to Silva, and was also able to get in position to apply a triangle, GPS would be in deep **** with Silva.

GPS is a excellent MMA fighter. But he regularly taps out to top BJJ guys when he is training in Montreal. (and yes, I know BJJ rolling with a gi is radically different than vale tudo)
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