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Many disagree that Ali beat Young comfortably. Many thought Young should have won. I thought they both looked ****. Young then went and beat Foreman. The calls at the time were for Ali to fight Norton or Young. He chose to fight Evangelista and Shavers.
People especially wanted to see Ali face Norton again. Norton beat Young in an eliminator and was scheduled to get another shot.
Yes, people wanted to see a 4th fight.
Ali fought Leon Spinks instead.
As we know only too well, only 3 judges views carry any weight in boxing, and two of them had Ali a comfortable winner against Young, and the other also scored it for Ali.

'People' always want to see any number of different fights, but Ali and Norton did go at it 3 times. As I said earlier, I thought Norton should have got the nod 2/1 in their rubber.
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