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Default Re: We are gathered here today, to pay our respects to Dealt_With aka Lefty R.I.P

Oh dear, Lefty spent his entire weekend on ESB trying to muster insults, but instead coming up with the same failed regurgitated ones.... he has me at 8th, 11th and now 14th in the competition, he claims someone with abs is porky, someone who is 6ft as 5ft 6, someone who is a model as not being a model, someone has a full head of hair as bald, someone who competed roid free as juiced,and he claims he has relevance outside of being thrashed to a pulp on a forum

I also like how he is trying to create division by championing someone over me, except I am not insecure enough to critique someone who has worked hard to be where they are, Cutt deserves credit his strength is very good and even during a bulk he has maintained a lean muscular shape. Only someone insecure would be upset about a guy being in shape.... we don't have to divert our eyes too far to see examples of this
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