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Default Re: A question to the American fight fans on here.

Originally Posted by MrMagic View Post
Why don't you get behind your heavyweights at all?

Eddie Chambers is a very good boxer, admittedly he's turned to cruiserweight, but he was never able to sell or get on networks like he was supposed to.
Seth Mitchell is a heavyweight banger with a lot of physical talent, he's never in a dull fight.
Chris Arreola - admittedly he turns up out of shape sometimes, always tries to produce entertaining fights.
Deontay Wilder needs to step up soon, seems like he carries a punch and has a very nice story behind his motivation to box.

I've seen so many of you get behind unproven talents such as Adrien Broner, Andre Berto (even though he's HAITIAN), Victor Ortiz and others... but a guy like Seth Mitchell barely gets noticed.

I rate Seth Mitchell as one of the more entertaining heavyweights in recent years, the same way I loved watching Lamon Brewster, I love watching Seth Mitchell. Lamon Brewster was also a guy who barely got noticed, even though he was fighting all over the world, defending his belt in STYLE.
I don't get behind fighters because of what country or area they are from. I like whatever boxer shows class and professional skill in a fight. My favorite boxer was Thomas Hearns, who was from Detroit, yet when I was younger I lived in California. I never liked the California style of boxing and training, They were trained to brawl and win in a war, and have 2 year careers because of that. The east coast style of learning skills as amatuers and using a jab to set up punches appealed more to me. As for heavyweights? The american heavyweight boxers now are terrible. Seth Mitchell had no right being thought of as a top boxer. He throws a right hand and he comes up short and lunges and gets countered in a very amatuerish move. He was not a top fighter and I knew it before. A guy who fights like Seth Mitchell would have never been thought of as any possible prospect had he been fighting below heavyweight, but since heavyweights today (and many other eras) are so overrated a division, all a guy has to be is big and people think he can be a prospect.
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