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Default Re: Seth Mitchell vs. Tomasz Adamek

Originally Posted by Florez View Post
Seth Mitchell, The One that will save American Heavy weight Boxing.
ohh wait.. he got KO'd against Banks.

No need to write Seth off just yet. He got caught by a superior technician in Banks who exposed his flaws and capitalised on them in the best possible way. Provided Seth learns from his mistakes and puts this behind him I see no reason to stick a fork in the man. Losses happen, they shouldn't signal the death knell of a career, and fans who treat them as such are only going to prevent any mildly competitive matchups from happening in the future.

Of course the hype bubble that was building around Seth has been deflated, and that's a good thing. But Mitchell's still a solid fighter with an all action style and the power (and vulnerabilities) to make for very interesting matchups in the future. I've jokingly referred to him as "Little Acorn" in the past, after Earnie Shavers, and I think they fulfill much the same place in their respective boxing landscapes. Of course it's still early days for Mitchell, but I still hold out hope that he can be an interesting competitor in the coming years.

I doubt he ever becomes champ, but then I didn't hold massive hopes for that in the first place, just took each fight as it came and enjoyed the ride. I just hope it hasn't reached its destination yet.
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