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Default Is boxing more of an instinctive sport or a thinking sport?

i asked a few gym members how they even pull off some of the things they do and a lot of there answers is, It's just instincts. Now i go into the ring and a lot of the time i think of things i should do, what my next move is and such but never really do things from just instincts. To think that some guys just go in there and let there body do all of the work really makes me wonder how much of the sport is based on just instincts. You can train your body to have all this muscle memory into doing something and train your reflexes to a point where you react to something by doing something a certain way but where does the thinking portion fit in?

this isnt really an advice type of thing i just want some guys opinions. Im more comfortable with doing both in a way but i like to set things up with my mind.
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