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Default Re: Remember last year when Burns fought Katsidis...

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
Three weeks ago,Vasquez was the main man at lightweight,yet an average performance means he was never in the mix?
DeMarco had all the head movement of a lampost last night and now Broner's the new P4P king?
Hold the front page! Boxing fans in fickle shocker!

I'm not saying Ricky beats Broner,but he'd fight a completely different fight to DeMarco,so to assume that last night has any bearing on what we already knew is misguided at best.
Yet Burns beats Kevin Mitchell and suddenly he's the real deal and broner was a hype job

and yes, many on here were calling Broner a hype job.

The Brit forum takes peoples personalities into account too much, classy guys like Burns and Price get overrated because people like them

pick with your head, not your heart, it's clear as day Broner is on another level to Burns, and it will be a straightforward victory for Broner if the fight happens
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