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Default Re: I hope people don't overrate Broner's TKO win over DeMarco

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
No,you have a fair point.I felt that some people were underrating DeMarco whilst others had him down as a bum.I felt he was somewhere inbetween.
It was a good win and he looks very comfortable at the weight,but I was disappointed by Demarco.I'm not saying for a second that Burns beats Broner,but he would bring a completely different set of problems to the plate that DeMarco laid in front of Broner.
As I've said elsewhere,three weeks ago Vasquez was the man according to many,yet now the landscape seems very different.I felt Broner would win and Vasquez wasn't quite as good as many thought,but I did think DeMarco would have put up a better fight.
Does this mean Broner is #1 with Burns #2 now?
Only asking so hope no one gets their knickers in a twist.
I didn't think DeMarco was a bum but I did think he wouldn't be able to cut it with the big boys which proved to be true.

I think Broner has to be #1 in the division now considering the performance over a world champion also the fact 135lb isn't exactly stacked the same way 140 is, also anyone putting Burns above Broner will automatically make them a 'insecure racist' as MrMagic put it so you really can't argue with anything i've said
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