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Default Re: Haye going to the jungle.

Originally Posted by shaunster101 View Post
Is it wrong to be a 28 year old straight atheist male and find Ant and Dec thoroughly amusing?
No, they make that show. Coming from anyone else I would find their lame remarks and jokes, well, lame, but coming from them it's somehow hilarious.

Haye is doing great, but I don't think he'll win it because the best one rarely does. The public usually goes for the one they find the most entertaining. Someone who doesn't mind making a fool of him/herself, although rarely someone who's totally useless in the trials. So, sorry Helen. Good try, but no cigar. I think the fat woman who farts all the time could win it actually. I like Haye, Charlie and Eric, but they behave too normal to win it in my opinion. If they go for the hot chick option I think that Ashley's got more of a chance than Helen.
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