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Default Re: Haye going to the jungle.

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
I hope Ashley wins it

****ing hell i'd love a piece of that, even straight out of the jungle, stinking, with hairy pits and dirty hair.... yeah, id be all over that like a rash.

Helen Flannigan looks like a disgraceful little troll next to her
Yeah, I don't understand what everyone sees in Helen. Ashley is a 100 times hotter than her. Initially I had the "you poor thing" reaction to Helen. But after a few days it already changed to "get the **** on with it already." I can understand her being scared of spiders or rats or whatever, or of heights or being claustrophobic, but if she freaks out over all those things and absolutely everything else they can think of and isn't even willing to give it a go I wonder why she signed up for the show to begin with. Hilarious that she always says that she gives it a 100%. I guess that if she would only give it 50% she wouldn't even cross the bridge.
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