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Default Re: Carl froch would have been 46-0 vs calzaghes opposition...

The excitement over Froch's performance against Mack reminds me of Hatton versus Malignaggi. Everyone went on about how Mayweather had changed Hatton, gotten him back to his boxing, and how he'd controlled Malignaggi.

The reason Hatton looked so comprehensive was because Malignaggi had nothing to threaten Ricky with. No power, just a jab and really sloppy defence that relies entirely on his legs.

Ricky always had fast feet, so could close the distance, and his left hook was quicker than Paulie's left jab. So, both of Paulie's tools were gone and Hatton could do as he liked, which gave the impression that he was a changed fighter.

Against Pac though? All gone. He reverted to type because that's what he was. A world-level fighter will look like an elite when placed with a guy levels below him. They SHOULD look elite in those circumstances. But don't let it trick you.

Froch looked good beating an average fighter who hadn't fought at 168 in years, and wasn't anything special there either.
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