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Default Re: Broner is going to massacre burns

Originally Posted by Dai View Post
Well he would if burns takes the fight (he won't)

Demarco is better than burns and broner is absolutely raping him.

Time to move up again Ricky, the can man is gonna make you his *****

I agree Broner would win. However, to say Burns "wouldnt take the fight" is just complete and utter ****ing nonsense! You think he is going to turn down a chance to fight on the world stage? to make his biggest pay day ever? to test himself against one of the best aropund? that is what most boxers want to do and would do for nothing.

To suggest he personaly wouldnt take the fight just shows a complete lack of understanding of the mentality of a fighter. Judging by the disrespetfull, football fan type of way you talk about fighters this doesnt surprise me as I doubt youve ever thrown a glove in your life.
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