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Default Re: Broner is going to massacre burns

Some of the posts in here writing off Burns and hailing Broner as some sort of boxing messiah are nothing short of laughable!

Folk need to calm down i think.

Aye he beat DeMarco. well, i watched the fight and i am struggling to recall a performance as inept as Demarco's last night.
Broner looked good, but then that wouldn't have been hard against that guy. how the hell was he wbc champ?

The fact is, Burns would be a completely different fight for Broner, and would give him major problems.
i think if Ricky could land flush then Broner would be in trouble. and believe me, he would land flush, then we'd see if broner is what everyone says he is, or if he is just a hype job.

And as for people thinking Burns is going to duck him, don't make me laugh.

<<<<<<<<<< fears nobody.

Burns is gonna get you Broner

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