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Default Re: Valero ruined DeMarco

Valero was the first to beat demarco therefore he gets more credit(credit to broner though).He's also 100% KO rating to broner who's 20 ko of 25 wins a strong fighter against smaller men.Valero didn't need a 150lb+ weight advantage he was pure power no enhancement drugs coke doesn't count it would hurt your performance not enhance it. Valero also didn't need to add 15-20lbs like Chavez jr,canelo,broner, & rios do to dominate demarco. Like i said credit to him but don't forget the facts, i'll start giving full credit when he's fighting guys at least his own size 140lb-154lb.Fight burns & gamboa then then step up to guys your own size that could at least compete with you.I know Rios,Garcia,matthysse along the whole division & top 10 will have a grin on their face when bully broner trys that **** around guys his won size.
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