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Default Re: Seth Mitchell exposed

Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post
A North American champion. I know these days you're either **** or a star but coming into the sport as he did and getting a hold of a good regional title is not nothing. I'm sorry, it's not. There are journeymen who work their asses off trying to get just to that level who put everything they've got into it and have amateur pedigree and still don't make it. Seth hopped in from another sport and got there with his grit, determination and power. Why so many "fans" on here seem to take more pleasure in seeing one guy lose than another guy win is beyond me, honestly. Especially one who, as you say, is a class act from everything he's shown, thus far.
I agree with this.

I don't understand why fans gloat when a guy who is good for boxing gets 'exposed'. Mitchell is an exciting fighter, he has lots of power, he's aggressive and outside of the ring, he seems to be a really nice guy. Why would anyone gloat about him being knocked out? It's not like he's ****y or arrogant, he's just a really decent person. I like him a lot and I hope he bounces back.

As a fan, I was always half expecting a loss like this. Mitchell isn't very refined and he takes shots too easily. However, he's a young guy who is very raw and inexperienced. He'll come back, no doubt about it. Will he ever be the next MIke Tyson? No, he won't be. Will he be the next world champion? Well, how many people said Wlad would still be a world champion after he was destroyed in two rounds himself?

Mitchell is the type of fighter boxing needs more of. I'll continue to support him.
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