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Originally Posted by Sox View Post
How is Green forcing it?
Did Green have a gun to Camerons head to sign for the fight?
Sox your embarrassing yourself with this comment.

It's the same way he forced Flores down to 195.

Team Greeny (with Phillip Austin on the payroll) are calling the shots and are the money men. Camerons and Flores careers going nowhere are offered an IBO title at cruiser which is a great opportunity for them and their careers which as I said were going nowhere. Team Greeny states that the opponent must make their catchweight for the fight to go ahead and make $150 K or whatever the challenger gets. In small print if the challenges doesn't make the agreed catchweight they get paid $12 k or whatever Greeny wants basically.

Now you still think Greeny isn't forcing it Sox ? ****in hell. Call a spade a spade. The fight is what it is. Please don't pretend it isn't when I know, you know and everyone else with a brain knows whats going on.

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