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Default Re: Broner is going to massacre burns

Originally Posted by TFFP View Post
So what if DeMarco and Burns fight nothing alike...its a point well made but it doesn't automatically mean Burns troubles him because he has a different style. By no means is that the case. Broner has the ability to compensate for a wide range of styles. Particularly if you're not that special. Take a long hard look at that fight, one guy has a huge tool box and the other just has a screwdriver and a few nails. It's not competitive, anybody deluding themselves into thinking it is just because Ricky has a good jab is going to be sorely disappointed as much as it would be nice to see Ricky do it.

Broner has a good jab too, why do we think Burns automatically dominates that battle? Even if Burns does establish a jab whats to say somebody as advanced as Broner doesn't simply time him over the top? What is Burns going to do about his lack of any pop whatsoever when Broner starts riding his punches, picking them off, walking him down and completely dissecting his high guard with the huge punch ****nal he has straight through the middle to the body or round the side? What is Burns going to do about that power disparity when Broner starts doing what he did to his last 2 opponents, has Ricky really got any answers considering he won a competetive fight with a crude slugger like Martinez when under pressure?
Nice ****ogy

Turning the "Burns won't fight him like DeMarco" is easy enough.
Broner isn't going to fight Ricky like Martinez, Katsidis or Mitchell!

Sorry but Broner actually has speed, variation, power and a defense!
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