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Default Re: Who took the least pumishment in their career?

Originally Posted by Ovid***ile View Post
Floyd Mayweather Jr., Willie Pep, Nicolino Locche, Pernell Whitaker are some of the greatest defensive fighters ever, but none of them are known for their punching power, so while they may only take about ten punches a round they will mostly go the distance in their fights. I would think that a guy like Tyson or Dempsey, one of the great offensive fighters who could knock someone out early and not have to endure a full 10 or 12 rounds might actually take less punishment. After all, Willie Pep suffered from pugilistic dementia from boxing almost 2,000 professional rounds.

Jack Dempsey had 26 first round knockouts. He boxed 350 rounds over the course of 82 fights. That's a little over four rounds a fight, even if he was easier to hit. Pernell Whitaker's 46 fights went 379 rounds. That's a little over 8 rounds a fight. If Dempsey only gets hit twice as much they come out even.

Edwin Valero with his 27 fights and 27 knockouts has a 100% knockout record. He fought 67 rounds and that's a little over two rounds a fight. However his career was cut short. For a more full career we should check with Buddy Baer. Buddy Baer had 23 first round knockouts over the course of his 60 fight career which lasted all of 176 rounds, which is almost 3 rounds a fight. He was as big as a Klitschko and routinely fought men 30 or 40 pounds smaller, so other than the two matches with Joe Louis and one with Abe Simon, I doubt anybody ever hurt him.

The best defense is a good offense and making someone stop punching at you period is better than being able to dodge all of their punches.
most fighters who have good defense start taking punishment late in their careers

Whitaker took his fair share of punishment

Julio Cesar Vasquez, Trinidad, Hurtado and McGirt spring to mind

I think it's safe to say that the fighters who took the least punishment are the ones who saw their careers end while in their peak, and there are not many

otherwise, I like the McCallum pick
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