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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by mad*****ter View Post
It's always the same ****: "One only has to find Wlad's chin once, then it's game over". I'm hearing the same **** now for 8 years. It's getting quite ridiculous.

I want to ask the Marciano fans something - without ****ing on your man: How many punches will Rocky have to take each time he tries to land that one knockout punch of his own?

When you guys quote how Brewster and Purrity "easily" beat Wlad, did you see the incredible bombs these guys have taken in the process? Brewster was down for the count, and got up, then knocked out Wlad.

If Marciano wanted to knock out Wlad he better be able to handle Wlad throwing the kitchen sink at his own chin, multiple times. How'd a 185 lbs Marciano react if he absorbed just a fraction of that punishment? Tell me.

I am a huge Marciano and Wlad fan so how should I reply?
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