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Default Re: Sonny Liston Ė The Real Story Behind the Ali-Liston Fights

thanks for sharing

Liston: I have reached my goal as heavyweight champion. When you reach your goal, you represent something and you have a responsibility to live up to it. As champion, I can do something good for somebody else. Right now Iím in the good light, but there are people who donít want me to be there. Regardless of them, I intend to stay there and I promise everyone that I will be a decent, respectable champion. If the public allows me the chance to let bygones be bygones, Iíll be a worthy champ. If theyíll accept me, Iíll prove it to them.

Liston: When the bell sounds, Iím expectiní for Clay to jump out of the ring. If he decides to fight, I figure I donít have to use much smartness with him. Iíll just corner him and clobber him.

Ali: I knew that Liston, overconfident as he was, was never going to train to fight more than two rounds. Some of his handlers admitted after the fight that this was exactly what he did. He didnít have no respect for me as a fighter. He couldnít see nothing to me at all but mouth. He was a perfect setup.

Liston: One day you are the king. Your friends, or the guys you think are your friends, are all around you. They give you, ĎYes, champ; no, champ; you got no worries, champ. No one in this whole world can beat you champí Then all of a sudden youíre not the champ and you are alone. The guys with the big mouths are out talking about you, not to you, and what they say isnít what they said the day before. Itís a big price to pay.
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