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Default Dislike for Ricky Hatton.

Just something i'm curious about, before I came to this site I would of thought Ricky would be super popular among the british posters but in actual fact it seems a lot of people really dislike him, not just as a fighter but have an actual personal dislike of the man.

Personally I like him a lot, as a fighter and a person, granted he hasn't exactly covered himself in glory since he retired (the Cocaine scandal etc) but I loved his aggressive style in the ring and I loved his "normal bloke down the pub" type personality, as in all honesty, that's just what I'm like

Now, i'm not looking to argue about Ricky with any of you, everyone's entitled to an opinion and i'm not particularly bothered if people like him or not, But I am curious as to the reasons.

So if you don't like Ricky, why?

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