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Default Re: Froch verbally attacks Khan again....

Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Where exactly was he 'banging about what a superstar' before getting beaten by Garcia? I've probably watched next to all the interviews he'd had and I don't recall him saying anything of the sort.

It's not as if Froch hasn't had a history of taking shots at others either. He's done it to countless amounts of fighters. Saying silly **** like he should retire and then saying that he would want no part of Kell Brook is just asking for a response, and as far as I remember, Amir still said nothing besides "Carl always has something to say", and again, today he takes another silly dig which has only made up for another dispute after they were both fine until Carl felt the need to comment, again.
Froch never said kahn should retire, he said if he had two losses like kahn he would retire
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