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Default Re: Froch verbally attacks Khan again....

Originally Posted by PaulieMc View Post,00.html

Here's the infamous "I'm a superstar" line. Khan just comes across an arrogant, deluded ****hole. Or at least he did, hopefully the beatdown Garcia gave him has mellowed him out a bit. Froch can be a bit childish with his digs I agree. But all the digs he's said about Khan are what quite lot of other boxing fans are thinking. He's just coming out and saying it.
He does tend to come out with arrogant comments, but who doesn't? Is it really wrong for him to label himself as such when other's label themselves in such high stature? I guess it's perfectly okay for Broner to label himself the 'best of this era', isn't it? It's always Khan, my man and it won't change.

I've seen so many boxers not recieve criticism for even worse comments about others and themselves. The fact that no one has a thing to say about Brook saying "i'll do Pacquiao" years ago when he was facing absolute nobodies tells me a lot about the general feeling and hatred they have towards a paticular fighter in Amir.

Originally Posted by Bill C84 View Post
Carl can say what he wants he earn't that right by becoming Britains no 1 fighter and proving it, Khan talks likes he's number 1 but in reality is nowhere near.

Khan should be quite, he has nothing to shout about.
Becoming the best boxer in Britain gives you the right to say what you want?

I worry about the order of which you treat particular people then.
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