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Default Re: Is Froch-Cleverly really that bad of a fight to make ?

Originally Posted by PaulieMc View Post
The way key to beating Froch is speed and timing. You can't let him plant his feet or get you against the ropes. You'll eat his power shots all night otherwise (ask Taylor, Bute and Mack).

Dirrell was the first fighter to show us this. Froch barely laid a glove on him until the later rounds. Andre Ward saw this and because he's much better than Dirrell he was able to take this strategy and do it even better to completely outclass Froch.

Cleverly has the speed but he doesn't have the boxing skills or reflexes that Ward and Dirrell have, not even close. His workrate would count for nothing in my opinion. He wouldn't be able to stop Carl either because of his granite chin and Nathan isn't a big puncher anyway.

This fight would only have 1 result. Froch win.
Some good points there, Dirrell certainly had the speed and skill just lacked the ***** and/or fitness. I had the Ward fight much closer than most and can see how one of the judges had it so tight, clear win yes but close also Froch was walking him down towards the end.

I just think Nathan has certain things in his favour, he has the range (how often do we see Froch the shorter guy) fitness, heart and punch output to trouble anyone. Those who seem to think he cant hang in world class are demented both Bellew and Murat are top 10 light heavys and he beat the **** out of Murat. I also think he has been unlucky with matches.... if the boy Clev is so protected why the **** would he be matched with jurgen Brahmer at 23 yrs old. People seem to forget who pulled out of that fight. His lack of meaningful fights is just FW being a **** nowt to do with the quality of the fighter.

Clev is definately in this fight, fifty fifty barnstormer that could go either way imo, more than likely a split decision. People are clouded by the vast difference in achievement which is perfectly understandable, on paper Froch annialates him fosho.
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