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Default Re: Froch verbally attacks Khan again....

I think they're jealous of each other.

Froch deep down craves the star status that Khan (and others) enjoy.... whereas Khan craves the respect/adulation from the hardcore boxing fans that Froch enjoys on both sides of the pond.

You've only got to look at all the thread on the General from 2007 that are full of Carl's latest statement, with loads of Americans saying he's a bum, then bumping it themselves and saying ''oh ****, got that wrong'', and in every Froch thread there's the ''I didn't used to like him, now he's one of my favourites'' comment.

Khan doesn't help himself by surrounding himself with mongs who don't really have his best interests at heart. In fairness to him he was thrust into the spotlight at a very young age, at a very awkward time for a British Muslim of ****stani origin.

Wouldn't have wished that on anyone. One minute he's winning an Olympic medal smacking around people who were favoured to destroy him, the next he's fronting the media answering questions about suicide bombers.
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