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Default Re: Froch verbally attacks Khan again....

Originally Posted by PaulieMc View Post
The reason Khan gets it worse than others mate when he opens his mouth is because he's by the far the worst when it comes delusion. Froch, Brook, Hatton, Haye, they all say stupid things from time to time that makes fans roll their eyes. Khan though is on another level.

The fact he's based himself in America and only fights over there now can't have helped. British fans can't help but feel like "So, what? We're not good enough for you eh? You think you fighting in America is better than fighting in front of us?" Plus no other British fighter to my knowledge has anywhere near whinged and *****ed like Khan did after the Peterson loss.

First it was the ref, then the fact it was in Washington, then the man in the hat and then the drugs. Even when all the failed drug-test stuff came out about Peterson, I still think the way Khan behaved did MASSIVE damage to his reputation. Since then many people (including me) have seen him as nothing more than over-rated, big-headed, deluded crybaby who won't take responsibility when he messes up in a fight.
I see your point, but I feel I could justify a lot of his claims as well because at the end of the day, if he didn't 'cry' about that Peterson hassle, he wouldn't have got the rematch which obviously led to us finding out Peterson used a performance enhancing drug, so there's two perspectives to this, really.

I see it from the angle of what you're saying though. If I looked at all the things he said from one point, I'd think of him as a crybaby, like you said.

Originally Posted by Peter__1987 View Post
Yeah fair enough I suppose no ****er is getting PPV with Sky anymore not even Ricky, so I do see your point there.

And yes mate, we're both entitled to an opinion, and I do understand that you are a big Khan fan but you must surely be able to see why he is disliked by a lot of boxing fans?
I understand why he's disliked because of the comments about Mayweather, saying he'll beat this guy and that guy, coming out with the ignorant comments here and there, but no, I don't understand the mass dislike for him and that's an opinion I've held since I joined.

If I felt differently, I'd openly say it.
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