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Default Re: Frochs P4P MAN FLURRIES WRECK Ward

Originally Posted by MAJR View Post
I dont know. Maybe because Ali was getting old and didn't want the challenge of the younger, stronger Foreman. Maybe Ali didn't want Foreman, maybe he was afraid of him. Who can say? Certainly not me.

But Ali not giving Foreman a rematch doesn't change the fact that Foreman deserved one and never got his shot at redemption, that it wasn't right that Foreman never got that second shot at Ali.

Which backs up my point that arguing that there's "no point" in Ward fighting Froch or Kessler again because of the way his first fights against them went is a nothing argument, a poor excuse, and unsustainable should Froch and Kessler continue to win and earn a rematch.
Foreman was clearly beating Ali but gassed out. Do you think he would do the same in the rematch? Certainly not, and Ali knew that and ducked the rematch. Just like Ward won't be giving Froch his rematch as he is likely to be stopping off at the hospital after the fight!
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