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Default Re: Dislike for Ricky Hatton.

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Personally I have no respect for his shameful and disgraceful ducking of Junior Witter for all those years. For me that and one or two other things make him a bit of a fraud who gets way too much boxing respect than he really deserves. But that's just my opinion and there's just no point arguing with Ricktards about it as we never see eye to eye on it.

Not saying you are one of those Ricktards Peter1987
Well you never know Oli, they may end up fighting now, at least Witter would hype the ****ing fight.

I must admit I do think Ricky avoided the fight with Witter, I don't think he was physically scared of him I think he just didn't fancy fighting Witter's awkward style.

Witter was ****ing mental back in the day, remember the Judah fight when he was waving to people in the crowd as Judah was trying to knock him the **** out?
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