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Default Re: Dislike for Ricky Hatton.

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Personally I have no respect for his shameful and disgraceful ducking of Junior Witter for all those years. For me that and one or two other things make him a bit of a fraud who gets way too much boxing respect than he really deserves. But that's just my opinion and there's just no point arguing with Rick****s about it as we never see eye to eye on it.

Not saying you are one of those Rick****s Peter1987
Well you never know Oli, they may end up fighting now, at least Witter would hype the ****ing fight.

I must admit I do think Ricky avoided the fight with Witter, I don't think he was physically scared of him I think he just didn't fancy fighting Witter's awkward style.

Witter was ****ing mental back in the day, remember the Judah fight when he was waving to people in the crowd as Judah was trying to knock him the **** out?
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