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Default Re: Dislike for Ricky Hatton.

I loved watching Ricky fight from the start and had some great nigths with those big triple headers they did at the MEN with Gomez and Farnell.

He was great for the sport and transcended it like few have, certainly since the sport moved away from terrestrial.

Even my mum knew who Hatton was for Gods sake!

I was gutted when lost to Mayweather although I never thought he would win, it was just so sad seeing one of my heroes knocked out.

I don't think less of him for his troubles after retiring; yes he did stupid things that were wrong, but the guy was in a very bad place and deserves a second chance as far as I am concerned.

I have really liked his work building his management stable and its been great to see him looking happier.

I was shocked when he announced a comeback and although I will be watching it and rooting for him I don't think it is a good idea.

I have no problem with the PPV really, just disappointed its on Primetime to be honest, I would have much rather it had been on Sky.

I don't like the whole "doing it for my fans" angle, I think that was a mistake.

He clearly is doing it for several reasons; self worth, money, his promotional company, inner demons and perhaps even ego, but I think one of the last reasons he is really doing this is for the fans.

If this was really the case he would have sold loads of cheap tickets and put it on in a big outside arena.

I'm not saying he should have done this, I just think he wound a alot of people up making out he was back for the fans.

I can't think of any real reasons why people would have so much bile towards the man.

What has he realy done that is that bad?!

By all means people don't have to agree or support his comeback but surely they can't deny that he has done more for the sport in this country than just about any other boxer in the last twenty years.

Haters gotta hate
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